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Re: recent events in Fringe! (Wow, that was a good arc and all, but boy am I glad it's over.)

Now, don't get me wrong, I am all for focusing on Olivia at every possible juncture, but while everyone's worrying about her trauma, shouldn't someone... spare a thought for Peter? I mean, granted, the scale of trauma here is rather different, but I think what Peter's gone through is pretty darn traumatic??? What with him having been DATING AND SLEEPING WITH AN IMPOSTOR FOR LIKE WHAT, WEEKS?! MONTHS?! And yet.

Also, I am still kind of annoyed at the whole Peter never realizing it was the wrong Olivia thing. I mean, you just cannot play up a character as so smart and observant and as having such a keen understanding of people and then... have him so completely drop the ball. ALTLIVIA IS SO COMPLETELY FUCKING DIFFERENT OMGGGGGG HOW COULD ANYONE NOT NOTICE THAT. The way she walks, the way she wears her clothes and make up, the way she holds her face, the way she laughs, THE WAY SHE DOES EVERYTHING. Y'know, Anna Torv did a great job portraying someone so similar yet wholly different, but it made it completely incomprehensible that Peter wouldn't notice. It would be one thing if he didn't know about the other world and the other Olivia! BUT HE'D EVEN MET HER. AND NOTED HOW SHE SEEMED DIFFERENT.

Also, seriously, Olivia is way hotter than altLivia. Which is not meant as a dig at altLivia, she's got a damn sexy swagger up in there, but Olivia is like. ETHEREAL. Like a fairy tale. A fairy tale in an armored tank, maybe, but a fairy tale all the same. AltLivia is earthy and mundane by comparison, which, idk, might be more in line with some people's preferences, but MY preferences otoh, jfc, it's like they made Olivia specifically to slay me ded.

Anyway, /tl;dr random rant about a show that is ~95% everything I could ever possibly want from TV. I HAVE A VAGENDA AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO USE IT.

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Dec. 18th, 2010 03:07 am (UTC)
I think Peter got a pretty raw deal too. I mean, even if he did notice the differences in Olivia it's not like it's a natural progression from "hey, my girlfriend is smiling more" to "SHE MUST BE FROM AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE." If anything I'd expect him to think she was a shapeshifter first, not a parallel universe doppleganger sent on an infiltration mission.

That said, I feel worse for Olivia if only because Jesus Christ, shittiest two months ever.
Dec. 18th, 2010 03:13 am (UTC)
Well certainly! Olivia definitely had the worst of it. I mean, Olivia had THERAPY FOR LIFEEE levels of trauma there. It's just kind of making my eyebrow raise that no one seems to be expressing any concern for Peter? I mean, I would be pretty traumatized if I was Peter. (Maybe they just don't care, l-lol? PETER WILL GET OVER IT oh Olivia honey are you okay)

And yeah, I wouldn't expect Peter to realize it was the wrong Olivia right away, but I'd think it would occur to him that something was wrong at some point... Even if it was to think she must be a shapeshifter, rather than what was really going on.
Dec. 18th, 2010 03:20 am (UTC)
I mean, I would be pretty traumatized if I was Peter.

IKR? Fauxlivia stole their relationship from both of them, really. All their firsts have been tainted by her (AND THERE WILL BE MORE FIRSTS. LATER. WHEN THEY BOTH HEAL A LITTLE).

Poor Peter is only ever a genius when they remember he is.
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